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A group of developers learning with each other (English: United States of America) Launched in 2009 while attending college. We formed a student club that wanted to build a cloud system out of some donated servers for a club project. We wanted to host our own web server so we could post our example projects so thay would last after we left college. When I graduated in 2012 we had gotten the server room built but faced resistance from administration to get them live. After I left I kept the domain name and have been using it as a experimintation site. This site your reading is built using Markdown and the Hugo static site builder system (https://gohugo.io). See our sister site at https://waptug.com where we are building a Learning Management System (LMS) using ReactJS and WordPress. This site is hosted on my home server and connected to the internet via DynDNS over my Comcast cable internet connection. This is running on a hp pavilion Intel Core i5 laptop and will soon be migrated to a RaspberryPi 4 (with 8GB ram/32GB HD) linux server.

UpDate: July 21, 2020

Experimented with the Raspberry PI 4 8GB and decided to go bigger with the server due a number of factors.

Mainly I wanted to be able to keep the Raspberry Pi’s in my collection mobile so I can take them to Stem night shows at schools and put them in projects that are not hosting my live web sites.

The other factors were heat. Running the web server on the Pi put the small fan to the test. I felt that while it was working fine for demos it would require a bigger cooling solution to keep it on 24/7/365 and I did not want to invest in the required cooling system.

So I bought a new slim line HP desk top and put Ubuntu on it to run the main server on my home network so I could move around with my laptop with out bringing down my web sites.

Update January 19, 2023

So I survived covid and finaly landed a great day job working for the US Government as a Drupal Developer.

Watch for updated site built with Drupal 10 soon. Learn more about Drupal at https://drupal.org.